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Welcome to the Whitelaw Baikie Figes website which we hope will prove to be a valuable tool for our clients. We are a firm of Chartered Surveyors and commercial property consultants with a particular specialisation in the retail sector and whilst most websites are designed soley to address the marketing needs of their host companies, this website from the outset has been designed to showcase not only our services, but profile and promote the requirements of our various clients.

The very heart of our business is driven by understanding and working to our clients' individual needs - it is what we strive to do best - and it is only appropriate that this website reflects that ethos. Accordingly, one aspect we are delighted to feature is our various client requirements, both occupational and investment, for your consideration. We will always be receptive to business opportunites for our clients, and will endeavour to secure a prompt response.

Perhaps the most important feature however is this website's ability to market a property. Unlike many of our peers we have been loathe to relinquish the tried and tested format of selling a property by actually speaking to people! However modern technology undoubtedly has a role. Accordingly, at its core, this website has been designed to feature our clients' property disposals on the very front page. Our web-based marketing format has been designed to compete with the very best proprietory systems, whilst at the same time affording each individual surveyor complete control over the properties they are handling. Commercial property does not sell itself, and with a challenging economic climate we believe the emphasis of this website as a marketing tool for our clients can not be underestimated.

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Our business is knowing our clients business. We can be as hands-on or hands-off as any individual client may require. For some, we may be their de-facto property department where we may relish the opportunity of commanding a stategic role; for others we may simply be required to add expert assistance where the occasion arises. However advice - irrespective of its quality - will only be heeded if it is founded upon a trusted relationship, and in this respect we will always endevour to build a longstanding relationship with our clients no matter the depth of involvement in the property affairs of their company.

Our business is also growing our own business. Elsewhere on this website you find a review of our primary services and contact details. Please do contact us for a consultation.

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Many property disposals are of a confidential nature, whilst others are freely open to public marketing. Irrespective of the situation, please take a moment to register your details. You need only do this once, and supply the most basic of information. Once registered, you will enjoy full access to all publicly marketed properties, be kept advised of closing dates, price changes etc and be able to download a pdf brochure, whilst interest registered in confidential disposals will generate a direct personal response from one of the acting surveyors to your enquiry.